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Laboratory Equipment

Welcome to EverthingDental's Laboratory Equipment. We are continuously striving to bring you high quality, competitively priced items.

Since the last couple of years  we have been the industry leading supplier of Laboratory Equipment throughout the world. We are marking a whole new online concept to our industry.

EverthingDental carries the product ranges of every major supplier to our industry as well as our own Laboratory Equipment range of products. The distinctive Everthing Dental Laboratory Equipment  guarantees quality materials and equipment at the best competitive prices. We have manufactured ISO quality standard dental products for years. Everything we do is backed up with advice, service and support. If you're in our industry you will have probably seen our ranges. If you haven't or would like a copy of our catalogue, please give our offices a call.

You will find a wide range of quality materials and equipment: from the best of the smaller, specialist manufacturers together with many of your favourite popular brands.

Our range of products covers every dental laboratory's needs, our comprehensive catalogue will be divided into 9 sections to reflect this. The sections include:Benching, Equipment, General Materials, Rotary Instruments, Hand Tools, Prosthetics and Teeth, Chrome Cobalt Materials, Crown & Bridge Materials and Orthodontic Materials.

A few of our Laboratory Equipment: The dental laboratory equipment we stock includes the J-100 Evolution Injection System for full, partial and flexible dentures, the Hexacast dental casting machine, and the Vertex Multicure pressure curing system.

>>J-100 Evolution Flexible Denture Kit:

The J-100 Evolution is a fully automatic, pre-programmable pressure injection moulding system.

Key Features & Benefits of Everthing Dental's Laboratory Equipment: Capable of processing all pressure injection materials on the market including flexible thermoplastics for flexible dentures, acetal resin (Dental D) to producing tooth-coloured clasps, as well as conventional acrylic. It can be used to make full and partial dentures, upper skeleton partials in Flexite Supreme instead of chrome, anti-snoring devices, TMJs, splints and clasps. We highly recommend you attend our CPD verifiable flexible denture course which covers all the dental appliances that can be made with the materials included in the J-100 Evolution Flexible Denture Kit.

 This will ensure that you make the most of your machine and all its various functions. You name it EverthingDental has it!

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We have in our Online Dental Store for Dentist, Dentistry, Orthodontist, Dental Labs and Dental Practices are: 

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