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Intraoral Camera Supplies

Make your life easier & more profitable with EverthingDental's state-of-art products.

EverthingDental Systems has selected the best performing products from leading manufacturers to include in Comfort Zone portfolio.

The philosophy is to provide minimally invasive, low stress products, which are profitable. The high quality dental equipment has an excellent track record in helping dental practitioners provide the highest level of comfort and care to their patients. As independent suppliers, EverthingDental's Intraoral Camera sales are backed by our thorough knowledge of each item, enabling us to provide excellent support for our select range. EverthingDental is a well established company dedicated to friendly, professional service.  

The Digital Doc Icon intraoral camera from Digital Dental is simple, smart and sharp. It illustrates a patient's existing dental condition, areas for improvement and the final aesthetic results of your cosmetic dentistry. Everything is integrated within the handpiece, including a USB 2.0 connector that plugs into your computer for fast image downloading and easy viewing. It is the only USB camera designed to sit next to your high speed handpiece. It is smart because it has dual capture buttons for right or left hand use, plus a newly designed slide focus that lets the operator adjust from macro to full smile with a touch of the finger. Its advanced LED optics and digital technology deliver the clearest, most detailed images currently available. The Icon can be used with any digital imaging software and USB2-equipped PC or laptop.

Benefits of EverthingDental's Intraoral Camera Supplies to your patients

  • A faster, more efficient service.  Better dental care of higher value because less time is wasted sitting in the chair.
  • Less stress for nervous patients who fear the drill of find injections painful.
  • Better detection of potential dangers can be treated before becoming a painful or more costly problem.

Benefits of EverthingDental's Intraoral Camera Supplies to you, the dental practitioner

  • Happier patients spreading the work about their painless visit to the dentist!
  • A higher volume of patients can be treated in less time, therefore higher revenues.
  • A higher level of patient care could justify supplemental fees, therefore bringing more profit to the dental practice.
Benefits of buying EverthingDental's Intraoral Camera Supplies:
  • Live 3D visualization:View the digital impression being built during scanning.
  • Easy-to-use touch screenSmart-Touch intuitive user-functionality without cumbersome keyboard or mouse operation.
  • Unique motion sensor interface: Like a gaming-controller, use the hand-held to virtually rotate and turn the digital impression.
  • Sleek design: Optimize patient experience and enhance the image of your clinic.
  • Easy-to-clean: Smooth and flat surfaces for fast and effective cleaning.
  • Integrated Heating pad: ensures mist-free scanning at all times.
  • Touch screen display for easy order entry, operation and real-time visualization.
  • Rechargeable battery: Convinient and free-mobility for moving the cart from one operatory to the other without powering down and restarting.
  • Wifi: Wireless network connection for cable-free mobility.
Look no further as your search for Intraoral Camera Supplies ends here! EverthingDental can fulfill all your needs.

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