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Now you can have the perfect crowns using the EverthingDental CAD/CAM Scan, Design & Milling Technology. EverthingDental Labs provide precision, consistency, best in class materials and fast turnaround time - all resulting in increased productivity and patient satisfaction.

EverthingDental's innovative contact scanner and user-friendly incise CAD software allows your dental laboratory to scan tooth preparations and design crown, bridge and abutment frameworks, sending your data toEverthingDental CAD/CAM's central manufacturing facilities.

 The new dental milling machine enables single copings or complex bridge frameworks to be manufactured from data obtained directly from EverthingDental dental scanner. Visitors see that our sophisticated dental CAD software analyses this data and automatically determines a best-fit margin line and other parameters.

The 3D computer model can then be fine-tuned by the technician if required before sending the data directly to the dental milling system, which machines the pre-sintered zirconia. Before firing the copings or bridge frameworks in a furnace, a colour stain can be added to the zirconia to best match the patient’s existing natural teeth, or left as the original white colour. 

Zirconia is an extremely bio friendly material, that also provides exceptional strength and optimum aesthetics for even the most demanding restoration. EverthingDental CAD/CAM also bringing a new understanding and precision to the manufacture of dental frameworks. Today, fitting all-ceramic restorations are an important part of clinical dentistry. More than 100,000 visitors will see new products from some 1,750 exhibitors, with equipment ranging from conventional hand instruments to the latest dental CAD/CAM systems.

EverthingDental CAD/CAM scanner can digitise the surface of a preparation in just 3 minutes. Its revolutionary contact scanning technology and spiral scanning technique provides superior accuracy and detail, resulting in exceptional margin fits, which increases restoration longevity and helps to reduce secondary caries.

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